Disease & Cancer prevention

When used in cooking food, saffron contains many plant derived chemical components which are known to prevent diseases


Crocin & safranal in saffron works as as immune modulator and inhibits the growth of tumour in the body.


The carotenoids has chemo preventive properties. It helps protecting against colon, liver and ovarian cancer.


Antioxidants in saffron lowers cholesterol and triglyceride in the body.

Crocetin in saffron reduces the lipoprotein from fat in the blood stream.


It also aids in pumping of oxygen which significantly makes the circulatory system efficient and removes plaque from the arteries and makes the heart healthy.


Saffron is rich in potassium, which enables your heart to beat. Potassium helps trigger your heart to squeeze blood throughout your body.



Saffron improves the mood of a person.

This magic plant contains 5 hydroxytryptophan which helps in the production of serotonin, motor of the regulation of  the mood, appetite, and sleep.





Find Balance

Saffron is good for digestion due to presence of multiple medicinal compounds and an anti-convulsant. It stimulates digestion. It is suggested that one should make a mix of water (1 litre) and saffron (1g) for strengthening the function of stomach. Saffron is also beneficial when the liver and spleen get enlarged.

Beauty & Skin

Saffron has anti-bacterial properties. It can be very beneficial in reducing acne and can be directly applied on the affected area.

It acts as a natural scrub and can aid in removing dead cells. Saffron can also be applied along with milk to lighten the skin and remove pigments.


It contains many antioxidants witch makes saffron a very useful natural anti-aging treatment.


Various face packs can be made along with coconut oil, sugar and milk which provides glow to the skin and helps in removing skin pigments and blemishes. Combination of honey and saffron when applied on face can do wonders for one’s complexion.

100% Organic